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Hat and Scarf Set with Polar Puff Trim

Polar Puff Hat & Scarf


Supplies: Hat and Scarf Set with Polar Puff Trim

Purchased Fleece Hat or/create your own using a favorite pattern and fleece fabric
Fleece Fabric ( scarf ) – 1/4 yard
Assorted colors of Polar Puff Trim

How to:   Hat and Scarf Set with Polar Puff Trim

Cut two 54” x 5” strips. Trim ends at 45 degrees.

With right sides together, stitch the scarf front and back together using a 1/2” seam and leaving a 4” opening along one side. Clip corners.

Turn right side out and press carefully. Hand stitch the opening closed

Stitch Polar Puff trim 3/4 “ in from outside edges of the scarf, overlapping the ends.

Stitch Polar Puff trim to the right side of the hat’s bottom edge, overlapping the ends.

Roll the bottom edge of the hat back onto itself , forming a cuff.

Hand stitch Polar Puff flowers to the hat’s cuff, placing them slightly to one side of the center front.

Polar Puff - Child's Hat & Scarf

Creating Polar Puff Flowers

Wrap Polar Puff into a tight spiral until you have achieved the size desired. Cut Polar Puff and then using a needle and thread; stitch into the the back of the spiral to secure. Add a second color of Polar Puff continuing the spiral and stitching as you wrap.

Polar Puff - Child's Hat & Scarf

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