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DIY Wedding Clutch with Lace Bow

Wedding Clutch blog
DIY Wedding Clutch with Bow

A simple row of lace and a floppy bow provide this otherwise plain Wedding Clutch with just the touch of elegance needed for your next event.

DIY Wedding Clutch with Bow Supply List:

Fleur De Lis Venice Lace  – One yard

Suede like Fabric – ½* yard

Foam Interfacing/Stabilizer – 8 inches by 14 inches

Large Snap Fastener


Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting, Pressing tools and supplies

DIY Wedding Clutch with Lace Bow How To:

Cut two 9 inches by 15 inches rectangles from the fabric*. Note: The project sample was created by using the reverse side of the suede fabric as the lining. If you choose not to do this, purchase additional fabric for the lining and cut one rectangle from each of the main fabric and the lining fabric.

Cut one 8 inch by 14 inch rectangle from the foam interfacing/stabilizer.

Place lace edging across the right side of the clutch fabric, situating it 1 ½ inches up from the front edge. Top stitch along either side of the lace edging. Diagram A

With right sides together, pin the front and back of the clutch together and stitch around the outside edge using a ½ inch wide seam and leaving a 4 inch opening along one side.  Clip the corners. Diagram B

Turn right side out and insert the foam interfacing/stabilizer. Turn in the opening along the side and hand stitch closed.

Fold the bottom edge of the clutch up towards the top forming a 3 ½ inch deep pocket. Pin. Topstitch around the outside edge of the clutch, stitching ¼ inch away from the outside edges. Sew snap to the clutch. Diagram C

Cut a 18” length of lace edging and fold in half, overlapping the two ends. Using a needle and thread stitch the end together and then wrap the thread around the center forming a bow. Stitch back into the center to secure the thread wraps. Diagram D

Cut a 1 inch by 2 ½ inch rectangle from the main fabric. Fold the edges in towards the center and then wrap around the center of the bow, overlapping the ends and stitching to secure.

Stitch the bow on top of the lace trim. See project photo

Wedding Clutch with Lace Bow1



Lace Embellished Belt


Adding the finishing touch to a plain dress might be as simple as adding a flourish of painted lace to a piece of velvet ribbon. With the lace embellished belt tutorial, success is a given. Upon completion you will be sure to garner the attention your creativity deserves.

Lace Embellished Belt Supply List:

Venice Lace Spray 

1 1/2 inch wide velvet ribbon – waist measurement + 12 inches

Buckle suitable for 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon

Stiffen Stuff™ fabric stiffening spray

Fabri-Tac™ permanent adhesive

Acrylic craft paint – silver

Fabric painting medium

Paint brush

Fusible crystals & Crystal application tool

Wax paper

Basic sewing, cutting, measuring and pressing tools & supplies

Lace Embellished Belt How To:

Lay the lace spray on a flat surface and choose which elements will be incorporated into the design. Cut out the desired element.

Lay the lace on a piece of waxed paper and spray with Stiffen Stuff™, turn over and repeat. Let dry.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, mix fabric painting medium into the acrylic paint.

Using the paintbrush; brush the pre-mixed acrylic paint over the lace cutout. Take your time to assure complete coverage. Turn the lace over and repeat. Let dry.

Once dry, repeat if necessary.

Insert one end of the ribbon through the buckle, fold the ribbon over the buckle center letting it extend 2 1/2 inches. Turn the raw edge of the ribbon under 1/2 inch and top stitch through all layers of the ribbon to secure the buckle onto the ribbon.

Cut the opposite end of the ribbon at a 45 degree angle.

Try on the ribbon belt and mark the center front point.

Position the lace accent on top of the ribbon, matching the center points. Remove and carefully add glue to the back of the lace accent. Reposition the lace accent onto the ribbon and place a heavy object on top. Let dry.

Following the manufacturer’s directions; apply fusible crystal accents to the lace as desired.




Decorative Trimmings Christmas Boot

Christmas Boot web
Design by Lorine Mason

Looking to make a statement with your Christmas Boot. Dramatic fabric choices make the perfect canvas for Decorative Trimmings Fringe and Midas trims.

Decorative Trimmings Christmas Boot Supply List:

Fabric – ½ yard & ¼ yard coordinating prints plus ½ yard of lining fabric

Fringe Trim – 2/3 of yard

Midas Trim – 1 ½ yards

Fusible Fleece – ½ yard

Fusible Web


Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring and Pressing tools & supplies

 Decorative Trimmings Christmas Boot How to:

Increase the pattern size and cut out two from the main, lining fabric and fusible fleece.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, press fusible fleece to the back of the main fabric stocking pieces.

Press fusible web to the back of the coordinating print and cut out the two boot accent pieces.

Remove the paper backing from the fusible web and press the cutouts to the front of the boot.

Stitch Midas trim along top edge of the heel accent as well as along the either side of the calf accent.

With right sides together, stitch the two boot sections together. Clip curves and points and turn right side out. Press well.

With right sides together, stitch the two boot lining sections together. Clip curves and points and insert the lining into the inside of the boot. Baste around the top edge.

Measure the top edge of the boot and cut a length of coordinating fabric for the boot cuff this measurement plus 1 inch x 8 inches wide.

With right sides together, stitch the short ends of the cuff together. Press the seam open and fold in half right sides out.

Stitch fringe along the folded edge of the cuff, turning under and overlapping the ends. Cover the top edge of the fringe with Midas trim, stitching along the top and bottom edges, turning under and overlapping the ends.

Cut a 10 inch x 2 inches for the hanging tab. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Open the fold and fold each of the raw edges in towards the middle fold line. Press well then refold along the center fold. Top stitch along either edge.

Fold the hanging tab in half and pin to the back seam line of the boot along the top edge.

Insert the boot cuff into the boot with the trimmed edge facing the inside of the boot. Pin well, then stitch along the top edge using a ½ inch seam. Turn the cuff over the top edge of the boot leaving 1 inch along the inside edge. Press well.

To request a copy of the pattern, leave a comment.





Decorative Trimmings Holiday Trees

Christmas Trees by Beth Watson web
Design by Beth Watson

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Trees Supply  List:

Assorted Trims such as: One yard of Sequin Schlange White  White Pearl Twist cord, 2 yards of Fan Eyelet Natural or White, Ruffled Cluny Lace, 3 yards of flower Eyelet White, Ric Rac White, 5 yards of Ball Fringe White,  4 yards of Twill Tape Natural

Styrofoam cones – Mini 3″ x 2″, Small 2 7/8″ x 5 7/8″, Medium 3 7/8″ x 8 7/8″, Large 4 7/8″ x 11 7/8″

Assorted Candlesticks, Pillars available at craft stores, thrift shops or vintage finds.

Assorted wooden finials, knobs, buttons, pearls, rhinestones, bells and ribbons.

Craft Paint – Lamp Black & Chocolate Brown

Paint Brush


Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Trees How To:

Beginning at the bottom of the cone, apply hot glue, then trim. Work in small sections until the entire cone is covered. Repeat to cover each cone.

Paint all candlesticks and wooden pieces black. Let dry. Using a dry brush, apply brown paint sparingly to allow black paint to show through.

Glue trimmed cones to candlestick or other base and top with the finial of your choice.



Fall Fringed Table Scarf

Holiday Table ScarfFall Fringed Table Scarf

by Lorine Mason

Dress up your table with this fun Fall Fringed Table Scarf. Simple to make for yourself or to use as a housewarming or hostess gift for friends or a special neighbor.

Fall Fringed Table Scarf Supplies:

1/2 yard of two coordinating fabrics

3 1/2 yards of Chainette Fringe

Cotton Batting


Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting and Pressing tools and supplies

Fall Fringed Table Scarf How To:

Cut 18 inch by 40 inch rectangles from both fabric prints and cotton batting.

Layer the two prints right sides together and cover with the batting. Pin all layers together.

Stitch using a 1/2 inch seam, leaving a 6 inch opening along one of the long edges of the table scarf.

Clip corners at an angle to remove excess fabric. Turn right side out and press. Turn in the fabric along the opening.

Pin chainette fringe along all of the edges of the table scarf, creating mitered corners with the fringe. Top stitch along the top edge of the fringe, turning under the raw edges and overlapping at the meeting point.

Sew a second row of stitching next to the lower edge of the fringe.

Remove the bottom cording from the fringe, allowing the fringe to hang freely.



Fall Faux Leather Fringe Tote Bag

Fall Fringed Tote Web

Fall Fringed Tote

By Lorine Mason

Fringe is hot right now and using Decorative Trimmings Faux Leather Fringe trim will keep the cost down while your fashion level rises. Step by step diagrams and full instructions will have you sewing your very own Fall Fringe Tote in no time at all.

Supplies for Fall Fringe Tote:

Faux Leather Fringe, Brown Two inches wide – Six & 1/2 Yards

  • Brown Canvas Duck – ¾ of a yard
  • Grommets – Two ¾ inch
  • Foam board or other Stiff Material for bottom of bag – 4 ½ inch x 17 inch rectangle
  • Thread
  • Basic Sewing, Pressing, Cutting & Measuring Tools and Supplies

How To for Fall Fringe Tote:

Cut the following from the duck fabric:

  • Tote Front: One 16 inch x 19 inch wide rectangle
  • Tote Sides & Back: One 16 inch x 28 inch rectangle
  • Straps: Two 4 inch x 32 inch rectangles
  • Top Binding: 2 ½ inch x 44 inch rectangle
  • Tassel Cord: 1 inch x 24 inch rectangle
  1. Fold each of the straps right sides together lengthwise and stitch along the unfinished edges. Turn right side out. Press, then topstitch down either side. Diagram A
  2. Lay the tote front on a flat surface and mark twelve lines, spacing them 1 inch apart, across the 18 inch width of the tote. Mark the first line 4 1/2” up from the bottom edge. Diagram B
  3. Starting at the line drawn closest to the bottom edge; lay faux leather fringe along the line and then stitch it in place. Repeat adding and stitching a row of fringe along each of the marked lines. Note: Always work from the bottom up towards the top of the tote. Diagram C
  4. With right sides together; stitch the tote front and back together along the sides. Diagram D
  5. Trim the faux leather fringe away from the seam. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Trim the opposite seam to ¼ inch. Lay the folded seam over top of the trimmed seam and top stitch. Diagram E
  6. With right sides together fold the tote in half and press a crease into the side seams. Stitch the bottom seam. Diagram F
  7. Fold the bottom of the tote so that the bottom seam aligns with the side creases and forms a point. Stitch across the point, using the side seams and crease line as a guideline. Diagram G
  8. Pin the straps to the top edge of the tote, spacing them 10 inches apart. Diagram H
  9. Turn under each of the ends of the binding strip ½ inch and press. Diagram I
  10. Pin the binding strip to the outside edge of the tote, centering the ends at the front of the tote.  Stitch using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Turn under the raw edge ½ inch, then fold the binding strip over the top edge of the tote, covering the seamline. Top stitch the binding strip in place. Diagram J
  11. Fold the strap up over the binding strip and top stitch to hold in place. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply two grommets to the center front of the tote along the binding strip. Diagram K
  12. Fold the tassel tie in half lengthwise, right sides out. Fold both the ends in towards the center fold. Press well. Topstitch down either side of the tassel tie. Insert the tassel tie through each of the grommets. Diagram L
  13. Cut two 6 inch lengths of faux leather trim. Using a needle and thread, wrap faux leather trim around the end of the tassel tie and stitch through all layers, continue wrapping and stitching until you come to the end of the fringe. Wrap the thread around the top of the tassel and stitch into the tassel to end. Trim threads. Repeat to create a tassel for the opposite end of the tie. Use project photo as a guide.

Fall Fringe Tote Fall Fringed Tote

DIY Drawstring BackPack featuring Polar Puff Trim



Supplies for DIY Drawstring BackPack featuring Polar Puff Trim:

Fleece Fabric – 1/2 yard each of two colors
Cotton Fabric for Lining – 1/2 yard
Grommets – Three 5/8”
Drawstring Cording – 3 1/2 yards
Assorted colors of Polar Puff Trim

How to for DIY Drawstring BackPack featuring Polar Puff Trim:

Cut the following from Fleece & Lining Fabric:
Bag Front & Back
Two 15” by 17“ rectangles
Front Pocket #1
One 15” x 14” x 8”
Front Pocket #2
One 15” x 5” x12”
Lining Fabric Only:
Drawstring Channel
Two 4” x 14” rectangles

  1. With right sides together, place the pocket lining on top of the corresponding fleece pocket.  Stitch along the top seam line.
  2. Turn right side out and press carefully. Top stitch polar puff trim to the pocket fronts,using the project photo as a guide to placement.
  3. Layer Pocket 1 on top of the bag front, aligning it up with the sides and bottom edge of the bag front. Cover with Pocket #2 and pin.
  4. Top stitch a vertical line, starting at the point the pockets cross and stitching through all layers of the pockets and bag front. Following the manufacturer’s directions apply a grommet to the bag front.
  5. Layer the bag back on top of the bag front, right sides together. Stitch along the sides and bottom edges. Clip the corners. Turn right side out and press.
  6. Turn under the sides of the drawstring channel pieces 1” and top stitch. Fold each channel piece in half lengthwise right sides out and press.
  7. Pin each of the channel strips to the top edge of the bag back and front.
  8. With right sides together, stitch the bag lining pieces together along the sides and bottom edges leaving a 4” opening along the bottom edge.  Clip the corners.
  9. Insert the bag inside of the bag lining. Pin then Stitch along the top edge.
  10. Pull the bag through the opening at the bottom of the lining. Top stitch the opening  closed.
  11. Insert the lining down into the body of the bag. Top stitch 1/2” down from the top edge of each of the drawstring channels, as well as 1/2” below the bottom edge of the channels.
  12. Following the manufacturer’s directions; apply grommets to each corner of the bag.
  13. Cut the drawstring in half. Attach a large safety pin to one end of one of the drawstrings; thread it through the front and back channels, starting on the left side of the bag.  Repeat with the second drawstring starting on the right hand side of the bag. Adjust the cords so that they are even. Thread through the bottom grommets from front to back. Double knot the two cords together. Tie an overhand knot at the end of each of the cords to prevent fraying, then trim close to the knot.

Drawstring BackPack Blog Post Diagrams

Drawstring BackPack Blog Post Diagrams

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