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DIY Halloween Faux Leather Fringe

Faux Leather Fringe Cowboy Treat Bag Front Web


Faux Leather Fringe Halloween Cowboy Treat Bag

Finish off that costume idea with the perfect bag.  Another option – ‘Mix It Up’ and go for something totally different from your costume theme. Halloween is all about being different so show your style with this fun Halloween Cowboy Treat Bag. Through the combination of Decorative Trimmings Faux Leather Fringe and Oly*fun the cost and the sewing time is kept to a minimum.  

Supplies for Faux Leather Fringe Halloween Cowboy Treat Bag:

Cowboy Treat Bag Back Web

Cut the following pieces from oly*fun™

Sky Blue               Pattern                                Snow White       Pattern 

(2) 16” x 20”        Front & Back of Bag   (2) Pattern          Front Yoke

(2) 5” x 20”          Sides                                     (1) Pattern          Back Yoke

(1) 2” x 20”          Button Placket                  Jet Black      Pattern    

(2) Pattern          Collar                                   (1) 4” x 41”   Top Binding Strip

(1) 4” x 41”          Top Binding Strip           (1) 2” x 40”          Strap Lining

(1) 2” x 40”         Strap                                     (1) Pattern          Neck Tie

Lemon Drop      Pattern   

(1) Pattern          Star

Instructions for Faux Leather FringeHalloween Cowboy Treat Bag:

All seams are 1/2” unless otherwise stated. Set your iron to the silk setting and always use a pressing cloth. Both sides of oly*fun™ can be considered the right side of the fabric, the choice really is yours to make, however be consistent for a more finished look. To receive a copy of the pattern leave a comment at the end of the post asking for the pattern and it will be sent to your email address. 

With right sides together, stitch along the length of the straps. Turn right side out. Press, then topstitch down either side. Cut in half. Diagram A

Pin the yoke sections on top of the front and back sections of the bag, matching the top edges of the bag. Diagram B

Pin faux leather fringe along the bottom edges of each of  the yokes. Top stitch along the top edge and then again ¼” below the first line of stitching. Trim the edge of the faux leather fringe even with the edges of the bag front and back. Top stitch ¼” up from the top edge of the trim. Diagram C

Fold each of the edges of the placket strip in to meet at the center back and press well. Center the placket down the center front of the bag and top stitch along either side. Diagram D

Pin the collar sections on top of the placket even with the top edge of the bag. Top stitch along both edges. Diagram E

Pin the Star cut out in place on the front of the bag and top stitch. Diagram F

Pin the sides to the back of the bag, right sides together. Stitch. Press the seam towards the side and top stitch 3/8” away from the seam line. Repeat stitching the sides to the bag front. Diagram G

With right sides together fold the bag in half and press a crease into the side seams. Stitch the bottom seam. Diagram H

Fold the bottom of the bag so that the bottom seam aligns with the side creases and forms a point. Stitch across the point, using the side seams as a guideline. Diagram I

Pin the straps to the top edge of the bag, spacing them 8” apart. Diagram J

Fold the binding strip in half right sides together and stitch forming a loop. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Diagram K

Pin the binding strip to the inside edge of the bag and stitch. Fold the binding strip over the top edge of the bag, covering the seamline. Top stitch the binding strip in place. Diagram L

Tie a knot at the center point of the neck tie. Center the neck tie over the collar and stitch in place. Sew buttons along the placket, collar points and at the center of the Star. Insert cardboard into the bottom of the bag. Diagram M

Faux Leather Fringe Cowboy bag

Cowboy Treat Bag

Cowboy Treat Bag

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