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Fall Faux Leather Fringe Tote Bag

Fall Fringed Tote Web

Fall Fringed Tote

By Lorine Mason

Fringe is hot right now and using Decorative Trimmings Faux Leather Fringe trim will keep the cost down while your fashion level rises. Step by step diagrams and full instructions will have you sewing your very own Fall Fringe Tote in no time at all.

Supplies for Fall Fringe Tote:

Faux Leather Fringe, Brown Two inches wide – Six & 1/2 Yards

  • Brown Canvas Duck – ¾ of a yard
  • Grommets – Two ¾ inch
  • Foam board or other Stiff Material for bottom of bag – 4 ½ inch x 17 inch rectangle
  • Thread
  • Basic Sewing, Pressing, Cutting & Measuring Tools and Supplies

How To for Fall Fringe Tote:

Cut the following from the duck fabric:

  • Tote Front: One 16 inch x 19 inch wide rectangle
  • Tote Sides & Back: One 16 inch x 28 inch rectangle
  • Straps: Two 4 inch x 32 inch rectangles
  • Top Binding: 2 ½ inch x 44 inch rectangle
  • Tassel Cord: 1 inch x 24 inch rectangle
  1. Fold each of the straps right sides together lengthwise and stitch along the unfinished edges. Turn right side out. Press, then topstitch down either side. Diagram A
  2. Lay the tote front on a flat surface and mark twelve lines, spacing them 1 inch apart, across the 18 inch width of the tote. Mark the first line 4 1/2” up from the bottom edge. Diagram B
  3. Starting at the line drawn closest to the bottom edge; lay faux leather fringe along the line and then stitch it in place. Repeat adding and stitching a row of fringe along each of the marked lines. Note: Always work from the bottom up towards the top of the tote. Diagram C
  4. With right sides together; stitch the tote front and back together along the sides. Diagram D
  5. Trim the faux leather fringe away from the seam. Fold in half lengthwise and press. Trim the opposite seam to ¼ inch. Lay the folded seam over top of the trimmed seam and top stitch. Diagram E
  6. With right sides together fold the tote in half and press a crease into the side seams. Stitch the bottom seam. Diagram F
  7. Fold the bottom of the tote so that the bottom seam aligns with the side creases and forms a point. Stitch across the point, using the side seams and crease line as a guideline. Diagram G
  8. Pin the straps to the top edge of the tote, spacing them 10 inches apart. Diagram H
  9. Turn under each of the ends of the binding strip ½ inch and press. Diagram I
  10. Pin the binding strip to the outside edge of the tote, centering the ends at the front of the tote.  Stitch using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Turn under the raw edge ½ inch, then fold the binding strip over the top edge of the tote, covering the seamline. Top stitch the binding strip in place. Diagram J
  11. Fold the strap up over the binding strip and top stitch to hold in place. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply two grommets to the center front of the tote along the binding strip. Diagram K
  12. Fold the tassel tie in half lengthwise, right sides out. Fold both the ends in towards the center fold. Press well. Topstitch down either side of the tassel tie. Insert the tassel tie through each of the grommets. Diagram L
  13. Cut two 6 inch lengths of faux leather trim. Using a needle and thread, wrap faux leather trim around the end of the tassel tie and stitch through all layers, continue wrapping and stitching until you come to the end of the fringe. Wrap the thread around the top of the tassel and stitch into the tassel to end. Trim threads. Repeat to create a tassel for the opposite end of the tie. Use project photo as a guide.

Fall Fringe Tote Fall Fringed Tote

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