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Create your own magical moments

Weddings celebrations have become smaller and more
intimate and gathering outdoors has become the venue
of choice. Backyards, beaches, lakes, fields and meadows
can all be transformed into magical, romantic settings.
You can create rustic and elegant décor to add your own
personal touch.
Upcycle glass jars by wrapping with roughhewn burlap edged
with delicate lace. Accent with personal findings, vintage buttons,
raw edges sheer fabrics and relaxed loopy twine bows.
Gather natural elements, wildflowers, seashells, river stones and bees wax
tea candles to enhance your settings.
Decorative Trimmings is offering free shipping for a set of 2 yards
each of 5 different Burlap Lace trims for a total of 10 yards at
$15.00, while supplies last. Use Coupon Code: WEDDINGS
This cannot be combined with any other offers.

Enjoy your magical celebration!





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