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Upcycling Archives

Use decorative trimmings to make your Upcycling projects extra special.

Create your own magical moments

Weddings celebrations have become smaller and more
intimate and gathering outdoors has become the venue
of choice. Backyards, beaches, lakes, fields and meadows
can all be transformed into magical, romantic settings.
You can create rustic and elegant décor to add your own
personal touch.
Upcycle glass jars by wrapping with roughhewn burlap edged
with delicate lace. Accent with personal findings, vintage buttons,
raw edges sheer fabrics and relaxed loopy twine bows.
Gather natural elements, wildflowers, seashells, river stones and bees wax
tea candles to enhance your settings.
Decorative Trimmings is offering free shipping for a set of 2 yards
each of 5 different Burlap Lace trims for a total of 10 yards at
$15.00, while supplies last. Use Coupon Code: WEDDINGS
This cannot be combined with any other offers.

Enjoy your magical celebration!





Stay Busy, Stay Creative

Home Sewers….Keep your sewing machines out!

During these past few months of staying at home, many of you have reconnected with your sewing machines and tapped into your inner sewing goddess. Ahhh, you remember now how much you enjoyed it! Sewing is not just a hobby, it is a passion and now more than ever sewing is sustainable, as many of you Mask Makers know.

Sewing adds the benefits of creating what you need and desire, and trimmings add a personal impression to your creation. Let’s also not forget that sewing is stress reducing (except when you are sewing thousands of protective masks for your communities!) THANK YOU!

The projects are endless:

  • Rick Rack to jazz up some dinner napkins
  • Ball Fringe to add whimsy to beach/pool towels
  • Metallic Braids to glamorize your bedroom pillows
  • Brush Fringe dress up outdoor pillows
  • Elastic, if you have any left over…to make hair scrunchies!

SEW…Keep sewing! We would love to see what you are creating, please send us images of how you are using trimmings and we will post on our social media.

Stay Busy, Stay Creative and most importantly Stay Safe!

CLOSET RE-STYLE : trim & fit

#trimsbytheyard #elastic #athleisurewear #shopyourcloset #trims #stretch

With some wide metallic elastic, you can add a little kick to your everyday joggers. These will definitely inspire you to
go to the gym, or at least out for a walk. So get trim & fit!

Joggers: Tailored ankles or leggings work best.
Anything with wide legs may not work as well
1 Yard Elastic, you’ll have enough to add to wrist bands of sweat shirt!
1: Take a pair of joggers and mark where you you would like to
cut them off. Remember that the width of elastic will add to length.
2: Sew raw edge with zig zag.
3: Take elastic and measure snuggly at ankle. Add 1/2” and cut 2 pieces. Check to see that the elastic stretches enough to bottom of pant leg. If the elastic doesn’t, you can slightly gather the bottom of pant legs, so when elastic stretches it will match up to pant leg bottom.
4: Sew 2 ends of elastic together face to face with 1/4”seam allowance and zig zag raw edge.
5: Turn pant legs inside out. Place elastic on top of bottom of leg. Leave about 1/4” of bottom of leg below top of edge of elastic
6: Straight stitch with a medium to long length stitch
at top of elastic stretching the elastic as you go around.
7: Trim threads and turn make sure you grabbed the bottom of pant leg with elastic

Closet Re-Style: Zipped Up

#zipperfashion #ykkzipper #nosew #fashionrestyle #shopinyourcloset #makeityourstyle

Add Fashion Zippers as a decorative accent to your leggings.

Supplies: Leggings
2 Zippers
Glue: Suggest using glue that works for vinyl applications
2 mini bull dog clips
1: Place zipper where you would like to applique. We
are placing it on outside seam at ankle
2: Glue back of zipper at top

3:Bend towards back
under hem

4:Hold in place with bull dog clips
Let Dry for about 1 hour
5:Keeping clips in place, pull back zipper
from fabric and glue back of zipper. It is okay
if glue gets on zipper teeth. Since this a decorative,
non functional use of zipper

6: Press zipper down on to seam
7: Press down firmly and place weighted
object on top to allow zipper to adhere to fabric
allow to dry 2-4 hours

Mardi Gras Candle Holders

#trimsbytheyard #sequins #tabledecor #DIY #eventplanning #mardigras

Your Mardi Gras table is perfectly set with these elegantly embellished glass candle holders. Holiday home decor that is a quick and easy way to repurpose candle holders for any event or holiday.

Glass cylinder candle holder
¼” double stick craft tape
Chainette Fringe: 08704-8-012Y-C80
Chinese Gold Gimp: 01312-003
Gold Loop: 01901-8-011Y
Mardi Gras Braid: 14021-Y21

1: Take trim and place around cylinder to measure and cut about 1” extra
2: Take ¼” double stick tape and peel away film from 1 side and place along where you are going to place trim, as you go around cylinder. (recommend dropping about ¼’ inch from top)
3: Place trim and place on top of tape as you peel away top film.
4: Tuck under extra trim and take a small piece of tape to hold down and secure trim in place.
5: If you are using another trim on top, follow instructions as above.
For Chainette Fringe: When finished taping on to glass, gently pull holding thread away at bottom to release fringe
For Braid with Beads: Apply beads onto trim before applying to cylinder
For safety we suggest using battery operated candles.
To remove trims, simply peel away trim and tape. Use some lemon oil on a paper towel to remove excess tape residue. Candle holders are now ready for next event!

Mardi Gras Home Decor

Bring the party from Bourbon Street to your home. These DIY applications of trims to everyday table decor are simple and festive.

Take everyday table top decor and create custom holiday looks. Everyday vinyl placemats with Mardi Gras colored sequins and Glass candle holders with metallic trims create an authentic Mardi Gras ambiance.

Placemats Supplies:
Vinyl Placemats
1/4” Wide Double Stick Tape-
Sequins- 14102-0AF

1: We used a gold vinyl pacemat, it’s a verastile color
for everyday or special occasions. We also love that there
is a pattern line, which makes it easy to follow when
appling sequins.
2: Take 1/4” double stitck tape and peel away film from
one side as you place and press along line on placemat.
Leave about 1/2” on each end to fold over to back

3: Take sequins and as you peel away top film from
tape, place sequins and press down as you go.

4: Fold over ends to back.

5: Continue same process on other sides.

6: Lay some heavy books on top to make sure the sequins
stay flat and stick.

When celebrations are over, pull back sequins and tape.
To remove excess residue, take some lemon oil on a
paper towel and rub away. The placements are now ready
for next celebration.

Mardi Gras DIY Placemats

Bolero Jacket T Shirt Makeover


Adult TShirt Redesign Final

Bolero Jacket T Shirt Makeover Design by Lorine Mason

A free T Shirt Makeover idea for you.   Taking something as simple as a basic black t shirt and turning it into an elegant bolero jacket is quite simple. Choosing the right trim might prove difficult as the options are quite varied. Which is your favorite?

Supplies for T Shirt Makeover:

  • T shirt
  • Decorative Trim – Venice Lace Embroidery
  • Double wide bias tape in coordinating color
  • Fusible hem tape – ½” wide
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic sewing, measuring, cutting and pressing tools & supplies

How To  DIY T Shirt Makeover:

Referring to the diagram ; trim the length of the T shirt, cut the front opening and remove the neckline binding. Cut a 1” strip from the excess length of the T shirt material.

T shirt Makeover

With right sides together, open one edge of the bias binding and stitch along the neckline edge, being careful not to stretch the neckline. Sew along the fold of the bias binding. Turn the binding to the inside of the T shirt and top stitch along the opposite edge of the binding.

Press hem tape to the inside edges of the T shirt along the front and bottom edges. Turn the hem tape over to the inside of the T shirt and press. Remove the paper backing from the hem tape and press well to secure a hem along the front and bottom edges of the T shirt.

Stitch trim to the right side of the T shirt along the front and neckline edges of the T shirt in one continuous length, turning the corner at the front edges of the neckline. Use project photo as a guide.

Stitch trim to the bottom hemline of the T shirt, turning under the ends of the trim along the front edges and stitching to secure.

Measure the circumference of the sleeve hemline and cut two pieces of trim this length plus 1”. With right sides together stitch each of the trim pieces together using a ½” seam. Slide the trim over the bottom hem of the T shirt sleeve and top stitch in place.

Using the 1” strip cut earlier, pull the two ends of the strip taught so that the edges roll towards the center. Cut two lengths and tie bows of a desired size. Hand stitch bows to the sleeves.

Fashion Makeover

Dress Makeover ideas

Fashion Makeover Design by Lorine Mason

Do you have a favorite dress that needs something a little more. Have you ever thought of adding trim to take that dress to the next level? You can give the article of clothing a  Fashion Makeover

Supplies for Fashion Makeover:

  • Purchased dress
  • Decorative Trims – cotton trimmings 
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Thread
  • Non-fray liquid glue
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic sewing, cutting, measuring and pressing supplies

How to give clothes a  Fashion Makeover:

Choose a design; in the case of the featured project overlapping circles were used. Using a large serving plate and starting at the center front of the dress, the pattern was marked directly onto the skirt. Note: Only one set of circles were drawn. The second row of trim was added by stitching ½ of an inch out from the first row of the trim.

Before starting to sew on the trim, determine a starting and ending point. Consider whether trim will be overlapped and therefore which area of the trim should be added first. In the case of the featured project, the hemline of the dress is where all trims started and ended as when the hemline trim was added it would cover any raw ends. Note: Avoid having to turn under raw edges whenever possible as you do not want added bulk.

Lay trim over the drawn lines and start stitching. Depending on the width of the trim, you may need to stitch along both edges of the trim to achieve a finished look.

Stitch trim along the hemline of the dress. Hand stitch the two ends together, overlapping and intertwining the elements of the trim for a finished look. A drop of non-fray liquid glue may be helpful.

Stitch trim to the neckline and armholes of the dress. This can be done by placing the trim under the edge of the finished opening and top stitching or by hand stitching the trim to the inner edge of the opening. Be sure to finish all raw edges by overlapping them slightly. Avoid bulk whenever possible.

The belt of the featured project was actually an elastic casing belt with a metal hook and loop buckle. I cut the buckle away from the belt, removed the elastic and cut the belt fabric in half lengthwise, trimming one end at a 60◦ angle. With right sides together and lace inserted along either side, I stitched the belt fabric along both edges. I then turned the belt right side out and added a thrift store buckle.

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