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Crafting and Sewing projects you can make in 30 minutes or less

Mardi Gras Candle Holders

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Your Mardi Gras table is perfectly set with these elegantly embellished glass candle holders. Holiday home decor that is a quick and easy way to repurpose candle holders for any event or holiday.

Glass cylinder candle holder
¼” double stick craft tape
Chainette Fringe: 08704-8-012Y-C80
Chinese Gold Gimp: 01312-003
Gold Loop: 01901-8-011Y
Mardi Gras Braid: 14021-Y21

1: Take trim and place around cylinder to measure and cut about 1” extra
2: Take ¼” double stick tape and peel away film from 1 side and place along where you are going to place trim, as you go around cylinder. (recommend dropping about ¼’ inch from top)
3: Place trim and place on top of tape as you peel away top film.
4: Tuck under extra trim and take a small piece of tape to hold down and secure trim in place.
5: If you are using another trim on top, follow instructions as above.
For Chainette Fringe: When finished taping on to glass, gently pull holding thread away at bottom to release fringe
For Braid with Beads: Apply beads onto trim before applying to cylinder
For safety we suggest using battery operated candles.
To remove trims, simply peel away trim and tape. Use some lemon oil on a paper towel to remove excess tape residue. Candle holders are now ready for next event!

Mardi Gras Home Decor

Bring the party from Bourbon Street to your home. These DIY applications of trims to everyday table decor are simple and festive.

Take everyday table top decor and create custom holiday looks. Everyday vinyl placemats with Mardi Gras colored sequins and Glass candle holders with metallic trims create an authentic Mardi Gras ambiance.

Placemats Supplies:
Vinyl Placemats
1/4” Wide Double Stick Tape-
Sequins- 14102-0AF

1: We used a gold vinyl pacemat, it’s a verastile color
for everyday or special occasions. We also love that there
is a pattern line, which makes it easy to follow when
appling sequins.
2: Take 1/4” double stitck tape and peel away film from
one side as you place and press along line on placemat.
Leave about 1/2” on each end to fold over to back

3: Take sequins and as you peel away top film from
tape, place sequins and press down as you go.

4: Fold over ends to back.

5: Continue same process on other sides.

6: Lay some heavy books on top to make sure the sequins
stay flat and stick.

When celebrations are over, pull back sequins and tape.
To remove excess residue, take some lemon oil on a
paper towel and rub away. The placements are now ready
for next celebration.

Mardi Gras DIY Placemats

Ric Rac Roses

Ric Rac roses are perfect for so many uses; add them to garments, hair and accessory items or perhaps in your next home décor project. The size, color and look of your finished rose is up to you. Consider mixing colors, spraying the edges or adding a pearl center. The idea is simple; the base instructions given below will get you started.

Ric Rac Roses Supply List:

Three yards Natural Ric Rac #00580-008

Needle & Thread


Binder Clip

Felt or Fabric circle – Optional

Sewing Machine

Iron – Optional

Ric Rac Roses How To:

Fold the 3 yards of Ric Rac in half and place a binder clip along the folded edge. Cross the two ends of the Ric Rac over and under each other to form a braid. Continue until the entire length has been braided. Optional:  Using the iron, press the braid prior to moving onto the next step.




Place the braid under the presser foot of your sewing machine and stitch along one edge approximately 1/3 of the way up from the edge. Remove the binder clip as you reach the opposite end and continue stitching. Note: We have used contrasting thread to showcase the steps.


Starting with the cuts edges, roll the braid upon itself, as you stitch into the bottom edge to secure. Continue rolling and stitching until you reach the opposite end. Secure the end with a couple of stitches, cut and remove the needle and thread. If desired, cover the bottom of the rose with a circle of felt or other fabric. Add pin, magnet or jewelry backings as you see fit.


Use your fingers to open the rose by folding back the Ric Rac. Optionally:  You may use the tip of your iron to press open the flower edges.


The size of the rose can be altered by the size of the Ric Rac used as well as the yardage.


Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments
Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments are simple to make and elegant to hang on your tree, in a window or give as a gift. With the wide variety of trims available from Decorative Trimmings the only problem might be in having to choose between the vast array of braids, trims, laces and fringes.

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments Supply List:


Assortment of trims such as; Chinese Braid, Dragonloop Trim, DoubleHelix Trim and Cotton Clamshell 

4 inch Foam Ball

Straight Pins

Needle & matching thread

Assorted Beads

Scissors, Measuring Tape, Craft Glue

Decorative Trimmings Holiday Ornaments How To:

Place a pin to mark the North and South poles of the foam ball.

Remove the North pin and lay Decorative Trimmings  trim across the top of the foam ball, secure with the pin.

Wrap trim across the surface of the ball, remove the South pin and secure the trim.

Wrap the trim across the back of the ball and lay it next to the North pin. Secure with an additional pin.

Continue wrapping the decorative trimmings trim moving over from the last row and adding pins to secure until the entire surface of the ball has been covered. Note: Due to the wrapping of the trim around the N and S points of the ball, the  ornament shape will turn into an oval. 

Add a drop of glue to the end of the decorative trimmings trim and insert it in behind the last piece of trim.

Cut a 10 inch piece of trim. Form a loop, overlapping the two ends and insert a pin through both ends. Add a drop of glue to the end of the pin and insert it into the top of the wrapped ornament to serve as the hanger. Let dry.

Cut a length of decorative trimmings trim equal to the center width of the foam ball plus 1 inch. Wrap trim around the center of the ball and secure with pins, overlapping the trim neatly.  Add a drop of glue if necessary.

Using a needle and thread; insert a double strand of thread through the eye of the needle, do not knot thread. Insert the needle through a small bead, bringing the ends of the thread back through the eye of the needle. Thread on additional beads using all four strands of thread. Stitch into the wrapped trim to secure the beads to the bottom of the ornaments  Trim excess threads and add a drop of glue to secure the stitching.


Christmas Ornaments1

DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB

DIY Lace & Braid Key FOB

Lace and Braid Key FOB

Dress your favorite keys with layers of layers of Decorative Trimmings. Simple step by step instructions will have you creating in no time at all. Great lace and braid stash buster.

Supplies for DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB:

Decorative Trimmings – Cluny Lace Edge, Chinese Braid & Soutach

Wash Away™ Wonder Tape

Dritz® Key Fob Hardware Set

Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™


Sewing Machine


Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting and Pressing Tools & Supplies

How To DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB:

Cut the following the Lace and Braid Trimmings: two 12 inch lengths of Cluny Lace Edge, one 12 inch length from each of the Chinese trim and Soutach.

Lay the two 12 inch lengths of cluny lace edge trim next to each other. See Diagram A

Press fusible tape to the wrong side of the Chinese Braid. Remove the paper backing from the tape and press the Chinese Braid on top of the two layers of the Crochet Trim.

Stitch the  Soutach down the center of the Chinese Braid.

Stitch down either side of the Chinese Braid.

Trim the ends of the lace if necessary and apply a thin layer of jewelry glue. Fold and insert into the clamp. Close with pliers. To project the finish of the Key Fob clamp, use a small cloth between the pliers and the Key Fob or wrap the pliers in tape.

Attach the ring to the Key Fob clamp.



PomPom Beach Tote

Canvas Bag Makeover Final

PomPom Beach Tote – Design by Lorine Mason

Pump up the beach fun by adding rows of pom pom trim and rick rack to a simple canvas bag. Low sew or No sew – the choice is yours to make. Bright bold colors give this PomPom Beach Tote an added pop.  You can stand out from the crowd with this DIY PomPom Beach Tote.  Pick a bag that will hold all your gear or adjust the  supplies needed based on the size of the bag.

Supplies for PomPom Beach Tote:

  • Canvas bag
  • Decorative Trim such as pompom trim and rick rack
  • Fusible lettering
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating thread and pins
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Basic sewing, cutting, measuring and pressing supplies and tools
  • Optional – Fabric Glue

How To make PomPom Beach Tote:

Measure the bag opening and cut a piece of rick rack trim this measurement plus 1 inch. Pin the trim to the inside edge of the bag, turning under one end and overlapping them behind one of the straps. Top stitch in place.

Using a ruler and fabric marking pen and measuring down from the top hemline; mark two lines, one at 1 inch and a second at 3 inches.

Top stitch pompom trim along the marked lines, overlapping the ends for a finished look.  You can use a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch. try to use coordinating thread so your stitches will not be noticeable.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to fuse letting to the front of the tote bag.  Take caution when working with a hot iron and make sure you are working on a safe surface.

Optionally you may skip the sewing and attach the trims and lettering using fabric glue. Follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.  Choose a fabric glue that is washable , as you do not want your cool creation coming apart after laundering. 

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