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DIY Wedding Night Elegance with Decorative Trimmings

Wedding Night Elegance

With the addition of rows of lace trimmings and a quick stencil project, a simple set of sheets becomes a lovely wedding gift for any new couple.  DIY Wedding Night Elegance with decorative trimmings is truly a gift from your heart.

Supplies for Wedding Night Elegance with Decorative Trimmings

  •  Sheet Set
  • Decorative Trimmings – Cluny Lace with Ribbon
  • Tulip Soft Matte fabric paint
  • Light Table
  • Fabric Marker
  • Thread
  • Paint Brushes & general painting supplies
  • Newspaper or white paper
  • Sewing Machine
  • Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring, Pressing Supplies and Tools

How To Create Wedding Night Elegance with Decorative Trimmings

  • Measure the top sheet and edges of pillow cases and purchase enough trim. Be sure to allow for an overlap.  A queen size set of sheets requires approximately 6 yards of trim.
  • Pin trim to the sheet and top stitch in place. You will need to stitch along either edge of the trim to secure it properly for  laundering.
  • Repeat stitching trim to the pillow case edges.
  • On your home computer, type Mr and Mrs, choose a font and enlarge it to the size desired. In the case of the project samples a 300 point font was used. Print onto copy paper.
  • Using a light table, lay the pattern directly onto the surface and cover with the pillowcase. Draw the pattern onto the surface of the pillowcase.
  • Insert sheets of paper or newsprint and following the traced pattern, fill in the lines using the fabric paint following the manufacturer’s directions.




DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB

DIY Lace & Braid Key FOB

Lace and Braid Key FOB

Dress your favorite keys with layers of layers of Decorative Trimmings. Simple step by step instructions will have you creating in no time at all. Great lace and braid stash buster.

Supplies for DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB:

Decorative Trimmings – Cluny Lace Edge, Chinese Braid & Soutach

Wash Away™ Wonder Tape

Dritz® Key Fob Hardware Set

Dazzle Tac Jewelry Glue™


Sewing Machine


Basic Sewing, Measuring, Cutting and Pressing Tools & Supplies

How To DIY Lace and Braid Key FOB:

Cut the following the Lace and Braid Trimmings: two 12 inch lengths of Cluny Lace Edge, one 12 inch length from each of the Chinese trim and Soutach.

Lay the two 12 inch lengths of cluny lace edge trim next to each other. See Diagram A

Press fusible tape to the wrong side of the Chinese Braid. Remove the paper backing from the tape and press the Chinese Braid on top of the two layers of the Crochet Trim.

Stitch the  Soutach down the center of the Chinese Braid.

Stitch down either side of the Chinese Braid.

Trim the ends of the lace if necessary and apply a thin layer of jewelry glue. Fold and insert into the clamp. Close with pliers. To project the finish of the Key Fob clamp, use a small cloth between the pliers and the Key Fob or wrap the pliers in tape.

Attach the ring to the Key Fob clamp.



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