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Upcycled Tea Towels with Decorative Trimmings

Upcycled Tea Towels

Upcycled Tea Towels with Decorative Trimmings – Design by Lorine Mason

Make Upcycled Tea Towels by taking plain tea or dish towels to the next level is so easy with the use of  Decorative Trimmings wide selection of trims; lace, braids, pompom trims and rick racks. Make some for yourself or perhaps as a gift for friends and family.  Bake a loaf of bread and welcome a new neighbor with these Upcycled Tea Towels.  You can make a different set of the towels for each season or month of the year.  They are also great shower gifts.  Handmade items are always nice to receive.

Supplies for Upcycled Tea Towels:

  • Tea Towels
  • Decorative Trims such as pompom trim, rick rack, & lace
  • Fabric marking pen and ruler
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Straight pins
  • Basic sewing, cutting and pressing tools
  • Fabric glue – optional

How to Upcycled Tea Towels:

Using a stitch ripper, remove the hem stitching along the sides of the towel. Note: It is only necessary to remove stitching in areas where you intend to add rows of trim.  Press the side hems flat.

Measure across the width of the towel, and cut lengths of trim using this measurement.

Using a ruler and a marking pen; draw lines across the width of the towel, perpendicular to the hemline to indicate where trim will be attached.

Lay trim along the drawn lines and stitch using a coordinating color of thread.

Stitch trim along the bottom edge of the towel.

Refold, press and sew the side seams back into place.

Note: Fabric glue may be used instead of sewing. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply the glue. The use of glue is suggested for towels used for decorative purposes only.  If you intend to glue the trim make sure the glue is designed to be washed.

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