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Children’s Polar Puff DIY Hair Accessories

Polar Puff Hair Accessories Final

DIY Hair Accessories – Polar Puff   Design by Lorine Mason

Children’s Polar Puff DIY Hair Accessories can be expensive and you can make your own with ease.  Make  DIY Hair Accessories that coordinate with the clothing they own.  Many little girls love to dress up.  An easy way to make a plain outfit special is with Hair Accessories.

Supplies for DIY Hair Accessories:

  • Plastic Hair Bands, Hair Elastics, Barrettes
  • Decorative Trimmings – Polar Puff Trim
  • Double Sided Tape – ¼ inch wide
  • Felt
  • Needle & Thread
  • Glue Gun
  • Basic cutting, sewing and measuring tools
  • How to:

Hairbands – DIY Hair Accessories

Starting approximately 1 inch up from the inside edge of the hairband, press double stick tape to the surface of the hairband. Wrap the tape around to the front of the hairband, across the top and down and around the opposite end.

Remove the backing tape from the double stick tape as you work. Press Polar Puff trim into the tape along the inside edge and then turn the trim 45° and wrap around the hairband end continuing wrapping it around the hairband until you have covered approximately two thirds of the hairband. Trim.

Repeat covering the remaining section of the hairband by starting from the opposite end. Trim.

Cut a length of Polar Puff trim and tie a bow over and around the hairband covering the meeting point of two sections of Polar Puff trim. Alternating add a Polar Puff Circle Flower

Hair Elastics & Barrettes – DIY Hair Accessories

Create Polar Puff Flowers following the diagrams provided.  Cut felt circles to cover the back of the flowers.

Glue Polar Puff Flowers to Hair Elastics, and onto hair bands by inserting the elastic/hairband between the felt and the flower. Add glue, press together and let dry.

Glue felt circles to the back of the Polar Puff Flowers then glue to the front of barrettes.

Polar Puff Flowers
Polar Puff Flower Diagram


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